Looking for three new colleagues

Global Marketing Manager

Global Supply Chain Manager

North American Events and Sales Coordinator

The board game company Hush Hush Projects is growing quickly.

Our first board game, Fog of Love, is a big success on the market. The game is extremely well-received with coverage in the world’s leading media. Sales are good and growing. We have strong partnerships with the leading distributors in the US, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

We've already launched three new expansions and two new versions of the original game. The game is available in two languages (English and Danish) and more than 15 localisations are planned for the next two years.

We're also planning two major releases next year.

To support this the company needs a new Global Marketing Manager, a Global Supply Chain Manager, and a North American Events and Sales Coordinator.

About the manager positions

The two new manager positions will participate in the leadership of the company with the CEO and will be working at the company headquarters in Allerød, Denmark.

The CEO will be strategy and innovation oriented and will be responsible for product development.

The Global Marketing Manager will be responsible for driving sales through marketing and local partnerships.

The Global Supply Chain Manager will be responsible for ensuring quality and timely availability of product through manufacturing, operations management and logistics.

Project management skills and ability to help organize the company are preferred.

If you don’t live in Denmark but are interested in one of the positions here, please don’t hesitate about applying. We will help you in getting the move organised.

Since this is a board game company, you will of course also be playtesting our own designs as well as trying other games in order to learn from industry best practices. Experiencing games will be part of the job.

About the Events and Sales Coordinator

The North American Events and Sales Coordinator will be working remotely, coordinating closely with the team in Denmark. We don’t have an office yet in the US, so we’re quite flexible when it comes to location (as long as it’s practical for traveling across North America).

The North American Sales and Event Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of shows and events attended by Hush Hush Projects.

The person will represent Fog of Love and our upcoming games at 30-40 events annually, mostly in North America. Travelling will thus be a central part of the job.

In addition to organizing and participating in shows and events the job will include sales and marketing activities focused on the North American market. This will happen in coordination with the Global Marketing Manager.

About you as a person

We are a growing small startup. You will therefore initially be both strategic and very hands-on. As the company grows, the focus is expected to shift toward strategic and management responsibilities.

You need to be globally oriented, be comfortable in a company that pioneers change and innovation in its industry, and you naturally strive for excellence. We're creating very special experiences and want every part of the company to support that.

However, first of all, you need to be a good human being. We will do good, be inclusive and make the world a better place. Our games and activities as a company reflect that, and so must our employees.

Our games focus on relationships and trust, not on dominance and control. This is also how we build relationships in the environments we participate in and how we work as a company.

We're a team focused company, where tasks are often shared and where learning and feedback is center stage. We experiment with novel approaches and we invest in scaling up ideas that work. You need to be very comfortable in such an environment.

How to apply:

Your application should contain the following parts:

A: Information on which of the three positions you apply for.

B: A half page motivation/cover letter for your application.

C: An essay of up to one page answering the following:

How do you see the greatest challenge or challenges facing Hush Hush Projects in the future within the areas of responsibility you’re applying for?

How would you - with the limited information that you have - approach and solve this or these challenges?

D: A comprehensive resume/CV with relevant examples and explanations of activities as well as a number of references. The resume/CV should also contain examples that speak to the personality requirements in the job description.

Please send the application in English as a one file (pdf or doc) mail attachment to jobs@hushhushprojects.com and write the name of the position you apply for in the subject field.

Applications should be sent no later than Sunday, March 17th, 11:59 pm EST. Job interviews for Global Marketing Manager and Global Supply Chain Manager will be held between March 20th and 28th. Interviews for North American Events and Sales Coordinator will be held shortly after.

We expect to inform the chosen candidates shortly after the last interview, and hope to start our work relationship from May 1st 2019.

If you have any questions before applying, please write to the above email and we will do our best to answer.

Global Marketing Manager



  • Good human being.

  • Great storyteller.

  • Creative out-of-the box thinker.

  • Fast learner.

  • Team player.

  • Proactive self-starter, able to think ahead and own the process.

  • Strong finisher, with high ability to getting things done.


  • Proven experience in integrated storytelling and marketing.

  • Proven experience in business development.

  • Very strong sense of lifestyle, entertainment, play and/or game consumers and non-consumers in key markets.

  • Strong understanding of digital marketing technologies.

  • Ability to communicate with diverse audiences, from dedicated hobby gamers to people not knowing anything about games.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Other languages are a bonus but not necessary.

  • Don't need to understand the board game industry, but this is naturally a bonus.


  • Full time position.

  • Travel approximately 60-80 days per year to meet partners, key stakeholders and customers (Europe, North America, Australia).

  • Work from HQ in Allerød, Denmark at least 50% of the time.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Marketing strategy based on proper research and insights (with strong focus on achieving success in mainstream market).

  • Managing and optimising substantial marketing budget.

  • Marketing of existing products (above and below the line).

  • Building, using and optimizing digital marketing channels (design, operations and analytics).

  • Global launches of future products (mainstream and hobby).

  • Public relations in mainstream and hobby media.

  • Coordinate external PR agencies.

  • Close collaboration with distributors.

  • Close coordination with partners of localized versions.

  • Development of partner network to support company objectives.

  • Conventions, conferences, trade shows and fairs (B2B and B2C).

  • Communication through social media and newsletters.

  • Copywriting - promotional text and game material.

  • Developing creative marketing material for different media in collaboration with art director.

  • Lead generation.

  • Retailer relations.

  • CRM solution that supports marketing and sales activities.

  • Building, training and leading the marketing and sales team (we will hire people for specific functions as need arises and various initiatives show positive ROI).

  • Exploration of new sales channels and business models.

  • Develop strategic positioning and product portfolio in close collaboration with CEO.

Global Supply Chain Manager



  • Good human being.

  • Diligent and super organised.

  • Nurturing, helps others grow and develop.

  • Strong finisher, with high ability to getting things done.

  • Fast learner.

  • Team player.

  • Proactive self-starter, able to think ahead and own the processes.

  • Creative and able to think around problems.


  • Proven experience in operations management.

  • Proven experience in supply chain management and logistics.

  • High level of empathy and active listening skills.

  • Strong understanding of manufacturing and print operations.

  • Strong understanding of business IT systems.

  • Don't need to understand the board game industry, but this is naturally a bonus.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.


  • Full time position.

  • Travel approximately 40-45 days per year to meet partners and participate in key events and shows (Europe, US and China).

  • Work from HQ in Allerød, Denmark at least 50% of the time.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Planning and coordination of key business processes.

  • Ensuring information flow.

  • Close internal coordination to ensure that team is aligned

  • Close collaboration with manufacturers, 3rd party logistics and other contractors.

  • Ensuring production quality and timeliness.

  • Managing localisation of products.

  • Manufacturing approximately 20 language versions of key products.

  • Manufacturing regular updates to key products.

  • Coordinating global logistics (B2B and B2C).

  • Planning and tracking of milestones.

  • Risk management.

  • Optimising processes.

  • Sourcing and procurement.

  • Development and maintenance of key business IT systems.

  • Managing and driving in-company projects.

North American Events and Sales Coordinator



  • Good human being.

  • Spirited and full of energy.

  • Proactive self-starter, able to think ahead and own the processes.

  • Strong finisher, with high ability to getting things done.

  • Hands-on and practical doer.

  • Creative show master.

  • Fast learner.

  • Team player.


  • Experience with event-management.

  • Strong sales experience.

  • Strong experience with demoing and presentation of board games.

  • Strong understanding of convention booking and participation

  • Ability to recruit and organize volunteers.

  • Good communication skills - especially in direct customer relations

  • Strong ability to collaborate per distance using digital tools.


  • Full time position.

  • Work remotely from the US.

  • Ability to travel most weekends of the year.

  • Driver’s license.

  • Required to move and/or lift materials at events and shows.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • Be the face of the company at shows for both B2B and B2C interactions. An agile and professional demeanor is key.

  • Planning yearly event schedule in collaboration with HQ.

  • Booking and organizing event and show participation.

  • Managing external contractors (decoration, print, furniture, equipment, etc) to ensure that everything is done and delivered in time.

  • Ensuring that all relevant stock, show inventory and other material goes to and returns from events and shows.

  • Recruiting, organizing, motivating and servicing volunteers.

  • Setting up booths.

  • Demoing at events and shows.

  • Sales at events and shows

  • Presenting existing games and new releases at events and shows.

  • Presenting existing games and new releases directly to retailers and other stakeholders outside of events and shows.

  • Sales of product to small and large customers.

  • Coordinate with distributors and retailers to support industry and retailer events.

  • Participation in promotional activities with distributors and retailers.

  • Marketing of events.

  • Marketing at events.

  • Assisting in other marketing tasks.

  • Conferring customer feedback to designers.

  • Elementary bookkeeping for sales and expenses.