September update

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a good summer and are looking forward to the fall season with all the board gaming it should entail :-)

In this update I will talk about how play testing is going, and what other things we are doing.

Essen planning

We are in the middle of getting everything ready for Essen. We will have a stand similar to the one from last year, with the added bonus of having more content.

Our booth number will be 6-D113. It will be in the new hall 6 (they expand each year!) next to the BoardGameGeek booth and close to the Dice Tower booth.

Last year many people used the balloons on the stand to navigate the hall and find us and the game managed to get quite a lot of hype on the fair. Obviously we hope to repeat that this year. We will be doing demos of the game and trying to generate hype for the game.

A lot of the reason for being there is to talk to retailers and distributors (for a non-Kickstarter version of the game). As it stands the Kickstarter funds and the production costs are about equal (as it is now we are not making any profit), so getting a distribution deal for larger print run with a better mark-up would give us the possibility of maybe doing more games in the Fog of Love universe (it is actually conceived as a trilogy of games).

Play testing

Play testing is running along nicely. We have gotten some feedback already and it was quite positive regarding the content and had some good feedback regarding some layout.

If you are up to printing and playing the game, we would love more tests and feedbacks. If so don’t hesitate to head over to the Facebook group ( where you will find download links in the pinned post at the top.

If you are playtesting the game and have done a cool looking version of the game, I would love to share some pictures of your versions of the game or a session of the game, with the other backers. So don’t hesitate to send me those pictures (at :-)


We are also working on getting everything ready for production collecting information on requirements from the factory and deciding how to package the game the best. The box will most likely be a Ticket To Ride size box. Organising content well is important for usability and fast setup. As you probably already know, we are planning a good plastic insert that can help us achieve this. We are still within the revised time frame and I think that that will hold.

New video

A Danish language reviewer recently did a very positive play through and review of the prototype of Fog of Love. So if you understand Danish take a look at these videos:


Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Final thoughts:

That is all for now, as always we welcome your comments and suggestions :-)