January update - A great review - Vote for us - Design is progressing very well

Happy New Year everyone!

Hi everyone. We hope that you’ve all had a great Holiday season. We certainly enjoyed ours and have some news to share.

A review from BGG Con

The nice people at Dog and Thimble played Fog of Love at BBG Con and thought it was great. We are very pleased with their top 5 list of games, where they put Fog of Love on a shared top spot: "...Fog of Love is my number one game by such a wide margin that it's frankly a little ridiculous..."

http://dogandthimble.libsyn.com/best-games-of-bggcon [from 40:10] 

Vote on BGG – Deadline Saturday 7 January

You can vote for Fog of Love on the BGG on the most anticipated game of 2017 list. Any and all votes can make a big difference for us. So please take the time to vote for us there. Deadline is tomorrow evening.


Your feedback

We have listened to all your feedback from the last update. After some tests we too feel that the board with the box would make the footprint of the game too large. We are still testing layouts, but the box on the table solution is off the table :)

We have also found a way to include the card stands in a quite elegant manner that will help keep everything in place.

Design progress

We have finally nailed the In-laws story. We designed and tested a lot of different approaches that would allow the in-laws to have a strong presence and impact on the game, while still maintaining the mechanics and flow of the basic game.

The solution we ended with is to give each pair of in-laws a set of traits. Additionally we added a new set of Story Ending cards that replace the original ones. Finally we have included a new track for balance between the two families. Who influences the couple the most? This creates new dynamics between the players as they have to include their parents in their considerations when selecting Story Ending cards.

The story is complex and gives a lot of meat to advanced players, while still playable for relative beginners as well. We are finally happy with it. 

It also means that we will include more Story Ending cards in the game than originally planned and also an extra cardholder for the in-laws’ traits (to ensure usability). As we promised we don’t want to comprise on quality and see these additions as necessary to ensure smooth gameplay and a good integration between thematic experience and game mechanics. So you'll get a bit more than we originally planned :-)

We'll share playtest files on Monday in our playtest group on Facebook.

The development of our play-right-out-of-the-box tutorial (where you don’t need to read any rules before you can start playing) is also going very well. We had a first test two days ago and it worked as we hoped. YAY! It’s being polished now and will lower the entry barrier for all new players.


This week we have started with the final graphical polishing of everything. We have hired Jeppe Norsker to go through ALL files to ensure that everything is crisp and ready for print. 

We anticipate that we will start printing in mid February. The factory is ready for us and we are working more than full time to ensure that we can be ready for them.

Within two weeks we’ll begin to share files for proofing and language optimisation. Those of you who have said you want to help, please be ready.

We’ll share more news within two weeks and will invite you for voting on the last cards.

That is all for now.

Once again Happy New Year,

Jacob E. and Jacob J.