August update 1 - GenCon and GenCon Volunteers

Hi everyone! 

In this update: 
Our GenCon presence
Vote for us
Volunteers for GenCon

Our GenCon presence 
Are you going to GenCon this year? WE ARE! and we would love for you to come by and say hello! While the games won’t be arriving in your hands until a good while later, we will have a few copies air freighted fresh off the factory and to GenCon. This means that at GenCon we will see the first production copies of the game, and we will be running events where you can try out the game in the production version. 

You can find us here:

You can sign up for the events here:

We will also be running open demoing at a table, so if you’re not sure if you want to play an entire game, you should still come by and check out the game and the components. 

We’ll make sure to do an unboxing video so those of you who aren’t going to GenCon will get a chance to see the game as well. 

Vote for us! You can help us out a lot if you go to the link below and click the thumb, and rate the game a must have.

Last year we had great success with getting backers to come help us at Essen Spiel, doing demos (we will need people for Spiel this year as well, but more on that in another update). We know GenCon is only less than two weeks away. But! If you are going to GenCon and would want to help us out demoing in the game and have a good time and get to know the people who created the game, we could REALLY use some help. 

What’s in it for you? 
Well apart from being a part of a group of nice people and demoing a really cool game you will get a little something depending on how much you help out: 

1 shift: Advance copy of Fog of Love, retail edition (in addition to any backer copies) OR any other game from GenCon (up to 50$), and a Fog of Love t-shirt. 

2 shifts: As for 1 shift, plus entry reimbursed for GenCon. 

3 shifts: As the 2 shifts, plus an additional game (up to $50).

The shifts will go from 9.30am-2pm and 1.30pm-6pm.

If this might be something you might be able to do, write me a mail (as soon as possible) at jacob d.o.t engelbrecht a.t hushhushprojects d.o.t com and we can find out how much time you have and when. 


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