Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. The type of relationship you roleplay in the game is completely up to you. Every scene card in the game has been written to apply to any gender or relationship. 

You can see a gay relationship being played in this video series from Watch It Played


Fog of Love is a great game to play with a romantic partner, or a friend. 

You play fictional characters in the game, so there is no impact on the external relationship you have with your playing partner - other than having some escapist fun!


Visit this page for a links to retailers where you can buy Fog of Love.

When will the expansions be released?

There are three expansions that were included in the Kickstarter edition of Fog of Love:

  • Paranormal Romance

  • It Will Never Last (previously named Mismatched Love)

  • Trouble with In-Laws

These expansion packs were released for sale in late November 2018.

They are on the market in USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and they should reach the rest of the European market in February 2019.

Is my copy of the game missing cards?

There is some confusion with how the cards are packaged in the game that it can seem like you are missing cards - though you are most likely not. The Character cards, some of the Destiny cards and the Chapter cards for Sunday Morning Date are in the tutorial deck, to help teach the game. Other Destiny cards and Scenes are packed in the three foil packs which also come in the game box.

My Game is Missing Components

If your copy of Fog of Love is missing components please send an email to support [at] hushhushprojects [dot] com.

Is Fog of Love available in OTHER LANGUAGES?

We are keen to translate Fog of Love into other languages. It is a long process, but we are making progress.

Fog of Love became available in Danish in December 2018. We have plans for French, German, Spanish and Chinese translations to be released in 2019.

What do i do about the printing error on the back of the Destiny cards in the Danish VErsion?

Due to a printing error some of the back sides of the destiny cards in the Danish version are in Danish and others are in English. They are, of course, all supposed to be in the same language.

If you bought the first printing of the Danish version, which has this problem, the necessary replacement cards will be sent to you in the beginning of 2019. You will receive cards, so you have a full set of destiny cards in both Danish and English. Having the English cards will enable you to expand your game with expansions in English without difficulties.

You must sign up to get the cards. We will post a form on our homepage in a few days. As soon as you enter your address and relevant data in the form, we will know where to send the replacements.