»This follows after CV which we loved, after Pursuit of Happiness which we loved, after ...And then we held hands which we loved. And I think that this might be the culmination of this wave of games that are all about human modern relationships and lives.«

—Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through


»From the moment I saw her facial scar and she tripped over that bar stool she was Sandy and I was Carl the smelly Flight Attendant. We just dived into these characters. And it was really fun. [...] It was so much fun just to let loose and do all that stuff and ask the questions... 'So what was your first memory Sandy?'«

»The other great thing about Fog of Love; I recognise that I am not big into roleplaying games at all. And I REALLY liked this as a roleplaying game. And I think that this is a great opportunity to introduce roleplaying without it having some crazy theme.«

Blue Peg Pink Peg Podcast

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»Fog of Love is really a no-brainer for people who want a two player game that they can play with their significant other that has some fun role playing and story telling elements.«

—Brandon Kempf, What Did We Play This Week Podcast

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»I'll admit it; I never expected to be playing a game called Fog of Love. But I enjoyed it and found it to be a wholly unique gaming experience. The design of the board and artwork (at least in our prototype copy) was well done and seemed to fit the game well.While Fog of Love is not going to be for everyone, players who love to immerse themselves in the theme of a game can really have a lot of fun with Fog of Love.«

—Tony Mastrangeli, Board Game Quest

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»...if you’re the kind of gamer who has a lot of focus on winning and losing, this might not be the game for you. But I see it work really well for others, maybe even for those of you with a partner who doesn’t get gaming at all.«

—Jacob Gunness, user on BoardGameGeek

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»I've never seen a game with this level of thematic quality and great mechanics from a game theoretic view at the same time. The relationship model and the effects of interactions are based on scientific research. The game has many new, unique mechanics, and basically defines a new genre of role-playing games.«

—Olivér Ősz, user on BoardGameGeek

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»This game cannot be fitted into a genre – it’s defining its own one, and doing it particularly well. It really captures the essence of a relationship, you can feel the drama like you were participating in a large theatre play. There are thousands of choices, endless possibilities for the outcome, just like in real life. Every type of player will be able to find something they love in it – be it the role-playing, winning together, playing a strategic game or simply spending time with someone special.«

⟡ Score: 9.7 / 10 ⟡

—Adam Novak, user on BoardGameGeek

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»With rules that are easy to understand and near infinity replayability Fog of Love should be the game every gaming couple should own. What I love most is that sometimes you'll win alone, sometimes together with your partner, and sometimes you'll lose, alone or together. No two games will ever be the same.«

—Peter Hoffgaard Møller, Tabletop Together


»Fog Of Love does something few games succeed at: creating a truly holistic game about love and romance. It successfully marries grounded gaming architecture with lofty narrative flavor, and it’s one pairing that just works. It’s different, it’s memorable, and it lets you decide how invested you want to get.«

⟡ This project has earned the Seal of the Republic ⟡

—Ryan LaFlamme, The Cardboard Republic

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